InTensional Movement

InTensional Movement

Posture and movement therapy designed to move you from pain to prospering.

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Posture/Movement Therapy - $120
One hour posture/movement therapy session. Designed to address gait issues, body pains, mild injuries, and challenges with walking, running, sports, or fitness in general. We'll address the cause as well as the symptoms, and then provide the exercises to manage it on your own.
Running Coaching - $120
Running Coaching session: May include posture therapy, movement therapy including basic exercises or myofascial training, psychological support, or other components geared toward your running goals and needs.
Complimentary Run Date - $0
A complimentary run date is an opportunity for interested runners to meet for one hour at Lake Merritt. We will talk goals, learn a popular skill, and take it for a short run together. NOTE: there is both a rain and a shine location to meet, so don't worry about the weather!

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